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This Online Masterclass has been designed over many decades by Kay Baxter, co-founder of Koanga, notorious permaculturalist, seed saver and author. Her goal is to support home-gardeners to grow Nutrient-Dense food in the most efficient way possible and achieve community and environmental health & resilience as a result. This masterclass includes 5 different courses, and ongoing Garden Management Videos which are sent to our students every month to support them on their journeys. Details about the courses included in this Masterclass can be seen below.


(This Online Masterclass includes the same curriculum as the Masterclass taught at Koanga)

The nutritional and ecological resilience approach to food security! This is the most inspirational workshop in the Koanga Gardening Masterclass Series, a journey through 'the 'laws of nature'' and the 'principles of the science' that reveal the missing links between healthy communities and healthy ecosystems. It is a beautiful thing when we really "get"  how everything is connected and we start taking action towards Regeneration with an actual understanding of the principles behind our decisions. This becomes a powerful step towards not only growing Nutrient Dense Food but restoring the health of your family and of the earth. This workshop will give you a design process based on the principles of high BRIX & healthy food and the creation of a regenerative future! 

Includes 9 episodes, the Koanga Garden Planner Master Chart, a Koanga Seed Catalog, the Seed Saving Booklet and the Full Garden Planning Package, featuring 2 Booklets and all the Garden Planning Sheets which will enable you to step back into a Regenerative Process of Coevolution which nurtures the soil and produces high quality food in a beneficial way for all life on earth. Click on the button below to see the introduction video along with all the learning outcomes. 

Contains over 2 hours in videos, a generous database with design plans and all the references needed to enable you to grow high-quality seedlings and have a deep understanding of the significance that lies in growing your own seedlings. This workshop shows you how to work with the "laws of nature" in order to step into a powerful regenerative process in your own backyard. The understandings and skills Kay has built over years in this field are now available in an affordable and easy to access online workshop. Click on the button below to see the introduction video along with all the learning outcomes. 

A workshop for those of you wishing to reconnect to the natural world and those of you wanting to ensure your daily actions contribute to a regenerative process for life on earth. Includes over 2 hours in videos, the Koanga Composting Booklet and a generous database with design plans and all the references needed to enable you to make compost capable of growing soil, nutrient dense food and reversing climate change. Click on the button below to see the introduction video along with all the learning outcomes. 

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An in-depth course on the Koanga best practice Bed Preparation and Planting. First we'll show you our small range of vital quality tools and all the other key things we need in the garden before we begin. We'll then take you through all the steps involved in the process of efficiently and effectively preparing your garden beds to achieve optimum results in terms of soil conditions and plant health, for the least amount of energy inputs. You will learn several techniques that when put together and practiced become an art that is beautiful to enact and behold... a perfect space to grow amazing food! We can all do this, no matter how much money you have or how old you are! You'll learn simple techniques that use your body weight and dont damage your back. This course is an essential part of the Koanga Gardening Masterclass Series and integrates much of what's been learned in other courses such as "Garden Planning""Growing Great Seedlings" and "Growing Great Seedlings". Coming out soon! Pre-order deals available for limited time only.

A step by step bio-architecture course on how to design and build a simple and effective Passive Solar Cloche. After many years of designing and building Solar Cloches, Bob Corker (co-founder of Koanga) shares with us his Master-Piece. Using appropriate technology and local materials Bob builds a brilliant low-budget structure which uses sunlight and thermal storage techniques to enable the ReGen Urban Gardening Team to grow high-quality seedlings and other plants in the cold seasons. Coming out soon! Pre-order deals avalible for limited time only.

These are some of the courses we are producing


- Koanga Kitchen & Health Series -

1. Designing a Nutrient Dense Diet

2. How to cook and prepare Nutrient Dense Food

3. Traditional Methods of Food Storage

4. Make your own Herbal Medicine

5. Traditional Fermentation Methods

6. Gut Health and GAPS


- Low Cost, Local, Autonomous Housing Series -
1. Principles & Patterns of Regenerative Design
2. Solar cooking and water heating
3. Solar food drying
4. Rocket Stove Constructions
5. Composting Toilets

6. Greywater Recycling
7. Natural Building Techniques

8. Passive solar cloche


- Koanga Gardening Master Class -
1. Garden Planning
2. Bed Preparation and Planting 
3. Making Great Compost
4. Growing Great Seedlings
5. G
row Nutrient Dense Food
6. Making and Using Bio-Char

7. Building Garden Structures

8. Weekly Management Episodes

- Forest Gardening Series -

1. Designing a Regenerative Forest Garden

2. Implementation and Management

3. Growing Mushrooms

4. Making and Using Ramiel

5. Tree Pruning Workshop

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