ReGenerative Garden Planning

A workshop for those of you wishing to reconnect to the natural world and those of you wanting to ensure your daily actions contribute to a regenerative process for life on earth.


Includes 9 episodes, the E-version of the Koanga Garden Planner Master Chart, the Koanga Seed Catalog, the Seed Saving Booklet and the Full Garden Planning Package, featuring 2 Booklets and all the Garden Planning Sheets which will enable you to step back into a Regenerative Process of Coevolution, which grows soil, nutrient-dense food and reverses climate change.


The understandings and skills Kay Baxter has built over many years of working in this field are now available in an affordable and easy to access online workshop.



  • Get a basic understanding of how a garden planning system is beneficial to us as individuals, to our communities and to the planet as a whole.
  • Understand Kay’s main goal with this garden planning process: grow all of her vegetables, grains and seeds, in a super efficient way whilst growing nutrient dense food, soil and ecological health.
  • Learn about how we can create a new food culture, a new relationship with our bodies and the earth through this garden planning process.
  • Understand why it is important to discover what actually grows well where we live, and how much work we are prepared to do in order to eat nutrient dense vegetables.
  • Be inspired and motivated to give it a go!


Episode 2 - Introducing the Master Chart

  • Be introduced to all the features and learn how to navigate through exceptional level of information that the Master Chart holds.


Episode 3 - Step 1 & 2

  • Be able to decide how big you want your garden to be based on the information in the step by step booklet, and mark that on your Crop Rotation Planner.


Episode 4 - Step 3

  • Choose the crops you wish to plant in each of the garden areas (Heavy FeedersRoots and Legumes, and Carbon Crops). Use the Master Chart to do so and fill in the Crop Choices Sheet. 


Episode 5 - Step 4

  • Learn how to take the information from the Summer Garden Section of the Crop Choices Sheet and place it on the Crop Rotation Planner.


Episode 6 - Step 5

  • Choose the Winter crops from the Master Chart and place your choices on the Crop Choices Sheet. Remember that the arrows in that sheet point towards the crop that comes before them.


Episode 7 - Step 6

  • Place that information onto the Crop Rotation Planner understanding that some crops may not be good choices, because they will need to fit next to each other. If they don’t you may have to make some new choices.


Episode 8 - Step 7

  • Learn how to fill in your detailed Garden Action Plan using the Seed Saving Booklet or the Seed Saving Wall Chart, the Seed Catalogue and the Garden Planner Master Chart.


Episode 9 - Step 8 & 9

  • Learn how to fill in your Garden Map in detail for your Summer Garden, showing just where every plant will be planted.
  • Learn how to fill in your Winter Garden Map, showing just where every plant will be planted in your garden.
  • Celebrate this important step towards self reliance and regeneration.
  • Final words from Kay