• Growing Nutrient Dense Food

    The nutritional and ecological resilience approach to food security! This is the most inspirational workshop in the Koanga Gardening Masterclass Series, a journey through 'the 'laws of nature'' and the 'principles of the science' that reveal the missing links between healthy communities and healthy ecosystems. It is a beautiful thing when we really "get"  how everything is connected and we start taking action towards Regeneration with an actual understanding of the principles behind our decisions. This becomes a powerful step towards not only growing Nutrient Dense Food but restoring the health of your family and of the earth!


    The first section of this course is a detailed introduction to the principles of science and the laws of nature around growing Nutrient-Dense Food, and how to achieve community and ecological health and resilience by doing so. The second section is a step-by-step process based on permaculture principles that Kay has created to enable anyone to High BRIX food in their backyards. This workshop also includes step-by-step videos on how to Make Biochar, Liquid Fertilizer, and Build a Worm Farm.


    Introduction - Episode 1 - FREE EPISODE - CLICK HERE


    • Learn about Kay’s story as an organic gardener and what motivated her to enter this journey of growing Nutrient-Dense Food.    


    Introduction - Episode 2 


    • Learn about the life work of Weston A. Price, one of Kay’s mentors in this journey. 

    • Get a basic understanding of the modern science of Epigenetics and be empowered and inspired to change the world by reclaiming your health!

    • Learn about the importance of using Open Pollinated Heritage Seeds in the process of Growing Nutrient-Dense Food.

    • A short introduction to the work of Dr. Reams and A.F Beddoe, crucial mentors that helped Kay to achieve success in this journey.

    • Understand some of the principles of science around how a healthy cell grows.

    • Know the difference between a Reams soil test and a Hill’s Laboratory soil test, and the importance of knowing your soil before starting this journey. 

    • Understand the importance of having balanced mineral ratios in the soil. 

    • Learn about the vital role played by phosphate in the photosynthesis process.

    • Understand the concept of “energy release” and how the process of putting together and breaking apart of energy is at the very essence of life on earth.

    • Learn about what BRIX is and why it is crucial to our success in this journey.


    Step 1 - Refractometer 


    • Start the Permaculture Design Process created by Kay to Grow Nutrient-Dense Food.

    • Learn how to use a Refractometer to get a BRIX reading.

    • Understand the importance of keeping records, and working with trends as opposed to individual readings.


    Step 2 - Soil

    • Learn about the importance of familiarizing yourself with your soil through the Visual Soil Assessment process and soils tests if possible.


    Step 3 - Aeration Levels

    • Understand the importance of aerating your garden beds, which most home gardeners can do with a garden spade and fork.


    Step 4 - Moisture Levels

    • Understand why it is critical to have appropriate moisture levels and learn about all the strategies and techniques we use to achieve that.


    Step 5 - Carbon Levels

    • Understand why having high levels Carbon in your soil is essential to grow Nutrient-Dense Food and learn about the strategies and techniques we use to achieve that.


    Step 6 - Mineral & Nutrient Levels

    • Get an overview of all the steps we’ve been through so far.

    • Learn about several different strategies and techniques used by Kay to block leaks in order to keep cycling the minerals and nutrients within her house site.

    • Learn about how composting can be a major part of this process of cycling and raising mineral and nutrient levels.

    • Learn about the phosphate cycle and and why it is essential to healthy ecosystems


    Step 7 - Microbe Levels

    • Learn about several different strategies and techniques used by Kay to feed and encourage microbial populations to grow.


    Step 8 - Stages of Plant Growth - FREE EPISODE - CLICK HERE

    • Learn about all the different stages of plant growth so that you can make better decisions and support your plants to be Nutrient Dense.