• Growing Great Seedlings

    A workshop for those of you wishing to reconnect to the natural world and those of you wanting to ensure your daily actions contribute to a regenerative process for life on earth. Contains over 2 hours in videos, a generous database with design plans and all the references needed to enable you to grow high quality seedlings and have a deep understanding of the significance that lies in growing your own seedlings. This workshop shows you how to work with the "laws of nature" in order to step into a powerful regenerative process in your own backyard. The understandings and skills Kay Baxter has built over many years of working in this field are now available in a affordable and easy to access online workshop!


    Episode 1 - Introduction - FREE EPISODE - CLICK HERE

    • Learn about the benefits of growing your own seedlings
    • Understand the natural process of coevolution, and the benefits of working with the laws of nature.
    • Know how home gardeners can work in a regenerative way to create a resilient, strong and healthy future for us all.
    • Know the importance of working with the genetics and the environment.
    • Learn how to choose seeds to achieve the best outcome.
    • Learn about the environment great seedlings require.


    Episode 2 - Materials

    • You will know everything you need to grow great seedlings, without plastic and using simple and affordable things we can make ourselves.


    Episode 3 - Planting Seedlings 

    • Know how to make your own seed raising mix, using your own materials or bought materials.
    • Learn about the different ways seeds can be planted, and how to decide which method to use.
    • Learn how to sow seedlings to be “pricked out” later, and how to sow “scatter sown” seeds that go directly into garden when ready.


    Episode 4 - Observation 

    • Learn how to handle seedlings.
    • Be able to understand the relationship between plant roots and microbes.
    • Be able to tell if the seedling’s roots are exuding sugars.
    • Know how to tell when seedlings are ready to be pricked out, or planted into the garden if ‘scatter sown’.
    • Understand why it is critical to prick out and transplant at the optimal time.
    • Learn how to direct sow seeds into garden.
    • Learn one of the creative ways to germinate seeds early without a greenhouse.


    Episode 5 - Observation pt. 2 

    • Learn more about different options for seed raising mixes.
    • Understand that our job is to provide the seedlings with what they need in order to photosynthesise efficiently, so that they can start growing nutrient dense food, sequestering carbon and growing soil.
    • Learn how to create a regenerative system.
    • Learn how to mark seed trays to get accurate spacings between seedlings.
    • Learn how to prick out seedlings in 3 steps.
    • Be able to know when and why some roots need pruning.
    • Learn about making microbe food to boost your seedlings (recipe included in database) 


    Episode 6 - Observation pt. 3

    • You will know what a ‘great seedling’ is.
    • You will be able to understand the importance of ‘hardening’ seedlings off before transplanting into garden.