Building a Passive Solar Cloche

"Building a Passive Solar Cloche" is our first appropriate technology and earth building course, produced in parternship with Bob Corker, Co-founder of Koanga and of ReGen Productions.


This is a step by step bio-architecture workshop on how to design and build a simple and effective Passive Solar Cloche. After many years of designing and building Solar Cloches, Bob shares with us his Master-Piece. Using appropriate technology and local materials Bob builds a brilliant low-budget structure which uses sunlight and thermal storage techniques to enable the ReGen Urban Gardening Team to grow high-quality seedlings and other plants in cold seasons and give their garden a great early start. All you need is a moderate amount of sun to keep it warm, even if outside air temperatures are still too low for good growth. You can use the general principles outlined here, and match this with the materials you have available. At Koanga we've built these structures for as little as $80 NZD by using recycled material!


The Database included in this workshop is filled with Design Plans and written instructions for all steps that will guide you through the building process.


Check out the learning outcomes below!


Episode 1 - Introduction - FREE EPISODE - Click here to Watch


  • Bob gives us an introduction to all of the main features of this Passive Solar Cloche and Kay speaks about some of the reasons why you may choose to build a cloche in the first place.


Episode 2 - Foundations Pt. 1

  • Understand the reasons behind the the dimensions of our cloche. 

  • Learn how to choose the best position to place your cloche in terms of sunlight.

  • Get started on the foundations of the cloche and learn how to use ground durable posts as a local and sustainable option for foundations.

  • Learn how to ram the foundation poles into the soil to get quality compaction that will last indefinitely. 


Episode 3 - Foundations Pt. 2 

  • Learn how to get the right level between your front and back row of foundations.

  • Learn how to make concrete foundations in case you don't have access to any ground durable woods.


Episode 4 - Putting Things Together Pt. 1

  • Learn how to create a double skin plastic layer for your frames to get better insulation properties.

  • Watch Bob fixing the frames to the foundations poles.

  • Lear how to make a rat skirt to stop the rats and mice from getting into the interior of the cloche.


Episode 5 - Putting Things Together Pt. 2  

  • Learn how to create a waterproof membrane for the foundation of the cloche and an extra soil layer for insulation and heat storage. 


Episode 6 - Earth Building Pt. 1

  • Learn how to use a simple earth building technique to create an efficient insulation layer for your cloche. 

  • Learn how to make a simple structure with netting and staples that will support the light earth infil (insulation layer).


Episode 7 - Earth Building Pt. 2

  • Learn how to make an earth plaster and an earth paint to give your cloche a great finishing touch.



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