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Updated: Mar 12

This post includes podcasts, videos, and contact details of organisations and individuals that are committed to creating change in the world!


1. Videos

2. Institutions & Individuals

3. Podcasts


The photosynthesis machine

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Using Ramial Wood Chip at Koanga

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How to make Home-made Fish Fertiliser to Feed Microbes

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How to Build a Wicking Bed

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More videos on the Monthly Garden Management Episodes

Institutions & Individuals

The Koanga Institute

1.website 2.database

Ecology action

the bio-intensive institute


Permaculture research institute by Geoff Lawton


Edmund Hillary fellowship


The Weston a. Price foundation website


click Here to See Kay's Interview with RNZ

Click here to see Kay's Podcast for Farming Mums

Farming Mums NZ

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The Permaculture Podcast - Caring for Earth, Ourselves, and Each Other.

The EcolQ Podcast - Fostering connection, deepening Ecological Intelligence

The survival podcast

Permaculture Voices with Diego footer's - honest conversations about farming and business

Homesteading and Permaculture w/ Paul Wheaton