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ReGen Urban Garden Management Episodes

Updated: Mar 5

Monthly Overview and strategies used in the ReGen Urban Garden.

The ReGen Urban Garden is a space in which we film videos to educate gardeners about appropriate strategies and techniques to use in urban situations. This set of management episodes is for gardeners who want to develop and manage their urban gardens in a regenerative way and get the most out of a small area. Each episode we'll have an overview of what's happening in the garden, and there will be detailed instructions to show you how we do things on the ReGen database. To receive access to all monthly management episode enrol in the Koanga Gardening Masterclass.



Bee management

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Health check

on chickens

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Apple Pruning

(coming soon)


How to make Pickled Lemons

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How to make Pesto

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How to Prune A New Peach Tree

How to Build a wicking bed

How to make fish fertiliser


How to Build a Potato Wall

Build a Worm Farm and Make Vermicast

Design Plan for our wooden boxes