The Regeneration Revolution is a global movement made possible by individuals who share a feeling of love for the earth and all of life,  and have seen that through ecological education and holistic practices we can regenerate the planet. We are passionate about facilitating change in the world. Kay and Bob co-founded the Koanga Institute many years ago and are experts in creating regenerative ecologies, and  Vitor is a young filmmaker determined to use his skills and ideas to create a positive impact in the world. Not long after they met, ReGeneration Productions was born.  

"We can all live a healthy abundant life by working with nature"
Bob Corker

Bob has been involved with Permaculture design for over 35 years as a self-employed environmental consultant and farmer. He is a co-founder of the Koanga Institute, and has a particular interest, within the Institute, of developing natural building techniques and appropriate technologies for autonomous housing and simple living.


Kay Baxter

Kay has been an organic gardener for fifty years and is a co-founder of the Koanga Institute in New Zealand. She has a vast knowledge of home gardening, nutrient dense food production and the links between regenerative food systems and human health. In 2017, Kay was awarded a New Years Honor for her outstanding work of saving our New Zealand heritage food plants.

Vitor Crispim

Vitor is a young Latin-American passionate about promoting regeneration through enviromental education, shamanism, and arts. He has worked with indigenous communities from Brazil and works towards making the cultural heritage of his people avalible to the youth. He is a co-founder of ReGen productions and works as our Technology and Film Production Director. 


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