Kay Baxter
Eduardo Terzidis

Bob has been involved with Permaculture design for over 35 years as a self-employed environmental consultant and farmer. He is a co-founder of the Koanga Institute, and has a particular interest, within the Institute, of developing natural building techniques and appropriate technologies for autonomous housing and simple living.


Kay has been an organic gardener for fifty years and is a co-founder of the Koanga Institute in New Zealand and

ReGeneration Productions. She has been a professional permaculture designer for over 30 years, developing a vast knowledge of home gardening, nutrient dense food production and the links between regenerative food systems and human health. In 2017, Kay was awarded a New Years Honor for her outstanding work of saving our New Zealand heritage food plants.

Eduardo is a designer and consultant. After three degrees as an engineer, he has dedicated many years to the study of Permaculture, which he is continuing through a Diploma of Permaculture at Gaia University. His experience has brought him around the world, learning with teachers like Geoff Lawton and Kay Baxter. He has contributed to many land-based projects, including Greening the Desert in Jordan, Koanga Institute in New Zealand. 

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Design & consulatncy for regenerative living

We offer design and consultancy services 
specialising in

Broad scale integrated land use

Forest gardens

Home food production systems

Breeding and management of heritage animals and poultry

Community development

Natural low cost housing

Appropriate technology

who we are

After 40 years of gathering experience in regenerative living and land use, we are ready to offer our knowledge and facilitate the design of healthy and resilient systems and communities. As founders of the Koanga Institute, we know what it takes to make dreams come true and our interdisciplinary team is ready to support you on your journey!

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