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ReGeneration Productions is the first platform for regenerative education based in Aotearoa NZ. We have partnership with the Koanga Institute which has more than 30 years of experience in designing, implementing and living in regenerative systems, and in collaboration with them we are producing online courses including videos, resource bases, and webinars. Our courses are filled with visual references and theoretical information, they are easy to comprehend and affordable. 
Our mission to help restore the health of our people, our communities and the health of our planet, and to inspire and support us all to be the change we wish to see in the world!
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Kate David

"This workshop on Growing Great Compost was fantastic! I have struggled to make good compost for years and I am hoping that the compost heap we made yesterday using Kay's method will result in amazing compost. Thank you Kay and the team for a fantastic workshop, I learnt so much and it was easy to follow and understand."

Kim and Shane

"I have been a gardener for 30 years and this course (Garden Planning) has taught me an entirely different way of laying out my vegetable patch.  The step by step guide that is carefully explained and demonstrated by Kay, makes it easy to get an understanding of the best way to produce Nutrient Dense Food in a small area by maximising your growing space.  To now have a two year plan of where and what I will be planting will certainly ensure my vegetable patch has the correct crop rotation to maximise yields and ensure the soil has everything it requires to continue to grow, and allow me to produce the best vegetables that I can. I wish to congratulate Kay and her team for mastering this plan, and for sharing this with us so we can all become master gardeners. Thank you!"

Lucia Razera

"(Growing Great Seedlings) The information on seed selection, plant growth and soil options for seed raising is great! I am delighted to gain new information to improve my seedling's health and ultimately produce more nutritionally dense vegetables. I have been raising vegetable seeds for many years using purchased seed raising and potting mix so I am looking forward to making our own mix for raising seedlings. Thanks for including the plans for making the seed trays and the mesh covers!"

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